QuantoSwap Global Event: DEX Launch and campaign with the 200K $QNS prize pool!

6 min readApr 24, 2024


Our Global Event is a new opportunity for users to earn a large pool of rewards for activities on the new DEX! We are launching a major prize giveaway with a pool of $200,000 QNS for social interaction with the platform. Over 2 weeks, you can complete five different tasks and earn QNS tokens, which will accumulate in your account and become available for claiming at the end of the Global Event.

Read the article and join the epic crypto adventure now!

How to participate in the Global Event?

Task 1. Get your personal event code

Connect your wallet to the platform and receive your participant code to start completing tasks and earning rewards.

Task 2. Connect to the Telegram bot

Join the bot’s chat, activate it with the command /start, and confirm your participation in the campaign!

After completing these tasks, you’ll get a message that the welcome bonus has been added to your account.

The bot will also provide you with a unique referral link. Copy it and store it somewhere where you can always access it. You’ll be able to claim the prize once the Global Event giveaway is over.

Tasks & rewards: share a $200,000 QNS prize pool!

After joining the campaign and receiving your referral link, you’ll be able to start completing tasks on the platform and on social media, aiming to earn a share of the huge prize pool by the end of the campaign! Let’s look at what tasks will be available to you during the Global Event.

Welcome Bonus: get up to $1 in QNS

Get bonuses for verifying through the Telegram bot! Up to $1 in QNS awaits you just for joining the campaign. We’re giving out welcome bonuses so you can start testing our DEX functionality right away and discover high returns with low fees!

Connect your wallet to the platform and receive your participant code to start completing tasks and earning rewards. After completing this step, you will be able to sign up to the Telegram bot: just enter the command /start and paste your unique code to the bot to verify yourself.

  • You will receive $1 in QNS if you have any transaction with any token from the list below in your wallet by April 1, 2024: stETH, swETH, ETHx, pufETH, rswETH, ezETH, rsETH, eETH.
  • You will receive $0.1 in QNS if there are no transactions with the tokens listed above, but there are other transactions by April 1, 2024.

Get up to $1 in QNS per referral

Get rewarded with up to $1 in QNS for each friend you bring onboard to QuantoSwap using your unique referral link! Together, you can increase your income and earn up to 100% APY on staking, farming, and restaking pools with a variety of available assets! The more friends you invite, the more referral rewards you can earn.

Your unique link will be generated by the welcome bot and then available in the Referral Program section of the site.

The bonuses will be credited to you only if your referrals meet the following conditions:

  • Your friend verifies through the Telegram bot.
  • You will receive $1 in QNS if your referral has any transaction with any token from the list below in your wallet by April 1, 2024: stETH, swETH, ETHx, pufETH, rswETH, ezETH, rsETH, eETH. If your referral does not have transactions with these assets, you will get $0.1 for a referral.

Best referral rewards: $50,000 in QNS

For top referrers, we have prepared special rewards: $50,000 in QNS. Use your referral link as many times as you can! Invite new users to our DEX, tell them about the advantages of QuantoSwap, and increase your chances of cool rewards together.

Top 100 referrers will share the prize pool of $50,000 in QNS:

Top #1 🏆 — $5,000 in QNS

Top #2 🥈 — $4,000 in QNS

Top #3 🥉 — $3,000 in QNS

Top # 4️⃣ — $2,000 in QNS

Top # 5️⃣ — $1,500 in QNS

Top #6–100 will share the remaining part of the prize pool based on the amount of their referrals ($34,500 in QNS).

Check the leaderboard: https://quantoswap.org/leaderboard

Tweet & earn up to $3 in QNS

Join our exciting Twitter campaign at QuantoSwap and earn from $1 to $3 in QNS for each tweet you share!

To participate, simply log in to our website, link your Twitter account, and start tweeting about QuantoSwap. Ensure your tweets capture the essence of what makes our DEX unique, promote our Global Event and invite your followers to explore the benefits of joining QuantoSwap.

Please note that our campaign is highly exclusive, with only 1,500 tweet rewards available for all users each day. This limited availability ensures that dedicated supporters have a great chance to earn rewards. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to be rewarded while helping us grow our community and enhancing your crypto experience with QuantoSwap.

Be quick to act — start tweeting today and make the most out of our daily token distribution!

Twitter giveaway: $25,000 in ETH

A special reward awaits those who spread the word about QuantoSwap on Twitter! Post about our project and get a chance to win $50 in QNS for this simple activity. Such a nice bonus will help enhance your experience on our DEX and boost your income!

500 random participants will win $50 each! Complete just 3 simple steps:

✔️ Join QuantoSwap on Twitter

✔️ Retweet the pinned post

✔️ Enter your Ethereum wallet address in a comment section to your retweet

❗ Important: your Twitter account needs to be at least 1 month old to participate. There will be 500 lucky winners — we’ll choose them randomly in two sets of 50.

Rules of the participation

▶️ Global Event is scheduled to continue until 7 May, 2024 or until the entire $200,000 QNS prize pool is distributed. As we cannot predict which will occur first, we are unable to provide a specific end date. Furthermore, we retain the right to modify the terms or conclude the event at our discretion.

▶️ The prize pool will be divided as follows: $125,000 in QNS will be distributed among participants of the referral program and as a registration bonus. The remaining funds will be allocated to reward top referrers and top tweeters.

▶️ The initial token price will be set at $2.5. The price of the QNS token can be highly volatile and change depending on liquidity on platforms, market sentiment, and user behavior. Payments will be sent out within a week following the main project launch. You also must have enough ETH in your balance to cover transaction costs.

▶️ We will take measures to prevent multi-accounting and strongly advise against engaging in such behavior. Multi-accounting undermines the integrity and fairness of the system by creating an unfair advantage for those involved. We encourage all users to abide by the rules and principles of fair play to ensure a positive and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

If you have any questions, drop by the QuantoSwap group on Telegram and ask. Don’t forget: the earlier you join the Global Event, the more free QNS you can get. Join QuantoSwap and get rewarded among the first!

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