QuantoSwap DEX is live!

4 min readMay 9, 2024


Our Ethereum-based exchange has launched! Now every user has access to low-fee swaps, multiple earnings, and other advantages of the new DeFi experience. Let’s learn more about the launch in this article.

QuantoSwap’s Products

On our exchange, you now have access to the following features:


Choose any available tokens to swap on QuantoSwap and execute swaps within seconds. QuantoSwap charges a liquidity provider fee of 0.30%. We also offer a 70% reward for liquidity providers and 30% for token holders. Unlike other platforms, QuantoSwap does not retain any portion of the fee, offering one of the lowest swap fees among all DEXes.

Swap tokens now: https://quantoswap.org/swap

Liquidity Pools

Liquidity pools offer a unique opportunity for asset holders to earn rewards by staking their digital assets. When users contribute their tokens to a pool, they become eligible to receive a share of the fees generated from trading within the pool.

To provide liquidity on QuantoSwap:

1️⃣ Visit the Liquidity section.

2️⃣ Click “Add Liquidity” and choose a token pair.

3️⃣ Confirm the transaction in your wallet.

This allows you to receive LP tokens and stake them, increasing your rewards on QuantoSwap.


Farming pools allow users to earn even when the token price drops by 50%. You won’t face impermanent loss as long as you remain active in the pool.

To farm on QuantoSwap:

1️⃣ Visit Farms.

2️⃣ Choose any available pool and deposit LP tokens.

3️⃣ Stake LP tokens to start earning high APY.

4️⃣ To claim your rewards, click “Harvest”.

Join farming pools with high APRs right now on our platform.

Stake & Restake pools

Stake tokens with high APR on QuantoSwap!

Staking pools offer an effortless way to earn in DeFi, simpler than yield farming. No liquidity or LP tokens required — just stake QNS, or any LST/LRT in the smart contract and collect rewards.

Rewards are in QNS and partner tokens, depending on the pool. Basic pools offer QNS rewards while others provide double rewards (QNS + another token).

Currently, native QNS staking is available on the platform, but new pairs will be added very soon! Stay tuned for the announcements.

Referral Program

Our ongoing referral program allows you to earn additional rewards with your friends!

1️⃣ Copy your referral link from the Referral Program section.

2️⃣ Share the link with your friends.

3️⃣ Invite as many people as possible!

All referral rewards are converted into QNS and credited to your referral balance, which you can withdraw to your wallet at any time.

🧑‍🌾 For farming, you’ll receive a 10% share of the yield earned by your referrals. For example, if your friend withdraws 100 QNS earned through farming, you’ll receive 10 QNS as a referral reward.

💰 Similarly, for staking, you’ll receive a 10% rebate on the rewards your referrals collect from staking pools once they withdraw the rewards.

Why choose QuantoSwap?

We offer a wide range of DEX products, each designed to allow users to efficiently manage assets and profit from them. Our exchange boasts the following advantages, making high profitability possible:

⬆️ Multiple earnings.

⬆️ Yield from swap fees.

⬆️ Innovative reward systems.

⬆️ Real APR surpasses impermanent loss.

⬆️ Synergy between pools and referrals for marketing.

⬆️ Token burnings.

⬆️ Yield insurance fund.

Join QuantoSwap and experience the new DeFi paradigm now! Learn more about the exchange in the documentation.

Official links

🔹 Website: https://quantoswap.org/

🔹 Docs: https://quantoswap.gitbook.io/quantoswap-overview

🔹 Twitter: https://twitter.com/QuantoSwapOrg

🔹 Discord: https://discord.gg/quantoswap

🔹 Telegram Channel: https://twitter.com/QuantoSwapOrg

🔹 Telegram Chat: https://t.me/QuantoSwap

🔹 Medium: https://quantoswaporg.medium.com/

🔹 Mirror: https://mirror.xyz/0xaA0227b10C1CB39641040fB0500834cE4B6ef2eE




QuantoSwap is a cutting-edge decentralized exchange (DEX) built on Ethereum with the ability to exchange Liquid Staking Tokens.