Introducing QuantoSwap — a cutting-edge DEX with multiple earnings

4 min readApr 24, 2024


QuantoSwap is a new DEX that opens up new ways for earning opportunities. Learn more about this new exchange on Ethereum in our article 👇

What is QuantoSwap?

QuantoSwap is a cutting-edge decentralized exchange (DEX) built on Ethereum with the ability to exchange Liquid Staking Tokens. Like other LS protocols, our project is launching its own native LST with the option to convert to ETH and other LSTs with enhanced APR staking and farming capabilities.

What are the benefits of QuantoSwap?

🔹 Multiple earnings: Earn income from swap fees, staking, farming, providing liquidity, as well as restaking and PT and YT tokens! We aim to create a wide array of earning opportunities on our platform.

🔹 Yield from swap fees: We distribute them among project token holders.

🔹 Innovative reward systems: We’ve introduced Staking Pools for additional APR, a referral program, making trading profitable for all users, diversifying DeFi income.

🔹 Real APR surpasses impermanent loss: Extensive simulations confirm that combining liquidity provider rewards, farming rewards, staking, and referral incentives yield higher real APR compared to average DEX farms, mitigating impermanent loss risk.

🔹 Synergy between pools and referrals for marketing: Incentivized actions promote QuantoSwap through sharing transaction statistics, inviting users, etc., rewarding active project contributors and sustaining growth without excessive token distribution.

🔹 Token burnings: Every month, we burn a certain number of tokens and referral rebates that aren’t associated with any personal referral link. This helps maintain the long-term value of QNS.

🔹 Yield insurance fund: A special insurance fund on our platform to protect your assets and minimize risks associated with DeFi. Also, you will have the ability to cover YT tokens with insurance if the profit turns out to be less than what was initially anticipated at the time of purchase.

What can you do with QuantoSwap DEX?

  • Exchange ERC-20 tokens with low trading fees
  • Add liquidity and earn income from token swaps
  • Stake LP tokens to earn QNS
  • Stake QNS tokens to earn more QNS tokens
  • Restake ETH and other assets to get qnsETH and double your income
  • Get up to 10% from invited friends with our Referral program
  • Participate in our Global Event and win cool prizes

Increase your earnings with Referral program

You can join our referral program and increase your income by inviting friends: for each referred user, you can receive 10% of your referrals’ earnings.

To participate in the program:

1. Go to the referral program page on the QuantoSwap website.

2. Copy your unique link from your profile.

3. Send the link directly to friends or share it on social media.

You will receive QNS bonuses for the following actions by your referrals:

— For farming, you’ll receive a 10% share of the yield earned by your referrals. For example, if your friend withdraws 100 QNS earned through farming, you’ll receive 10 QNS as a referral reward.

— For staking, you’ll also receive a 10% rebate on the rewards your referrals collect from staking pools, once they withdraw the rewards.

You can withdraw your referral reward from the “Withdraw” tab after your referral withdraws their earnings on the platform.

Global Event: share a $200,000 QNS prize pool

Global Event is a special occasion to celebrate the launch of our project. We will be distributing a $200,000 pool in QNS to all active participants who engage in the following activities within the project:

🏆 $125,000 in QNS allocated as a Sign-up Bonus for new users.

🏆 $50,000 in QNS for top performers in the referral program who invite as many new users to the project as possible.

🏆 $25,000 in ETH for the 500 most active users who post about QuantoSwap on their Twitter.

For more details about this event and participation requirements, you can read our article on the Global Event:

QuantoSwap Tokenomics

  • Name: QuantoSwap
  • Ticker: QNS
  • Chain: Ethereum (ERC-20)
  • Max Supply: 100,000,000 QNS tokens
  • Initial Supply: 150,000 QNS tokens (for Initial Liquidity & Global Event Airdrop)
  • Start price: $2.5
  • Contract address: (TBA)

QNS has the following utilities

✔️ Yield from swap fees, distributed among project token holders (70% for liquidity providers, 30% for token holders).

✔️ Additional profit anticipated from commission earned by validating our proprietary LST.

✔️ Insurance available for YT/PT tokens to cover against lower-than-expected profits.

✔️ LP reward boost for token holders.

✔️ DAO Voting and protocol validation.

Join QuantoSwap, trade at reduced fees, and enjoy multiple earning opportunities! Soon, we’ll announce the Global Event, where you can participate and share a reward pool of $200,000!

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QuantoSwap is a cutting-edge decentralized exchange (DEX) built on Ethereum with the ability to exchange Liquid Staking Tokens.