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QNS is the native token of the QuantoSwap exchange, unlocking new revenue opportunities for everyone. Providing liquidity to the platform, staking, farming, and restaking all increase your rewards and support the QuantoSwap ecosystem. Learn more about the token in this article.

Token metrics

Here is the list of the main QuantoSwap token characteristics:

  • Ticker symbol: QNS
  • Chain: Ethereum (ERC20)
  • Total Supply: 100,000,000 QNS tokens
  • Initial Supply: 150,000 QNS tokens (for Initial Liquidity & Global Event Airdrop)
  • Contract address: TBA

Token mining starts with 20 tokens per block, with a new block created every 12 seconds (ETH block time). Quarterly, an increase in mining difficulty is planned, leading to a reduction in the block reward according to the following scheme:

QNS utilities & token burns

The QuantoSwap token utilities includes:

  • Yield from swap fees, which are distributed among project token holders.
  • 70% reward for liquidity providers, 30% for token holders.
  • Further profit is expected from the commission earned by validating our proprietary LST. This is our own stETH, which allows users to stake ETH without owning 32 ETH to start their own node. Our protocol plans to deduct a small commission from mining profits to distribute among token holders and token liquidity.
  • Protocol yield from launching our proprietary Yield tokenization protocol: protocol fees are distributed among token holders.
  • Insurance for YT/PT tokens: the ability to cover YT tokens with insurance if the profit turns out to be less than what was initially anticipated at the time of purchase.
  • LP reward boost for token holders. More tokens mean more reward boosts.
  • DAO Voting.
  • Protocol validation.

QuantoSwap employs a token burning mechanism to maintain the long-term value of QNS. We plan to burn tokens monthly and report on it. Referral rebates that are not associated with any personal referral link are also subject to burning. QuantoSwap reserves the right to adjust the schedule and terms of the token burns as necessary.

Token Distribution

Here’s how the total supply of QNS is allocated:

  • Farms/Pools: 62.5%
  • Referral Incentives: 6.5%
  • Team: 12%
  • Marketing: 10%
  • Operations: 8%
  • SAFU: 1%

A lot of ways to get your QNS

You can purchase the QNS token directly on QuantoSwap in the Swap section. Simply connect your wallet, choose the token to exchange, and acquire our native token. Purchasing will be available after the token launch in Q2 2024.

To increase your QNS holdings, you can explore various revenue avenues offered on QuantoSwap: stake the token, add it to a liquidity pool or farming pool, and utilize restaking to boost your income through diverse APY opportunities.

Get QNS for FREE

You can get QNS tokens for free! Join our Global Event and share the prize pool of $200,000 QNS! During this massive campaign, you’ll encounter social tasks on Twitter and Telegram, as well as participate in the referral program and create content. It’s a great opportunity to earn QNS early on and gain access to our project’s ecosystem at an early stage.

How to swap QNS

1. Install MetaMask and top it up with ETH Download MetaMask: When you create a new wallet, save the mnemonic (secret phrase) in a safe place. If you lose it, you won’t be able to recover it.

Next, you’ll need some ETH to pay the network fees for each transaction. The average fee in 2024 is around $50, but we recommend adding at least $50 in ETH for fees, plus whatever you are going to put into pools and farms. The most convenient way is to buy ETH on a centralized exchange (KuCoin, ByBit, Binance etc.) and send it to the MetaMask address.

2. Connect to QuantoSwap and pick the tokens

Click on Connect Wallet, then MetaMask → confirm in MetaMask. Always make sure that you connect to the real QuantoSwap site.

On the Swap page, choose the token you want to sell from the dropdown list in the top field, and the token you want to buy in the bottom field. Enter the amount to sell, and QuantoSwap will calculate the minimum amount you’ll receive. You’ll also see the swapping fee, price impact, and slippage displayed.

If you’ve never transacted with one of the tokens before, you’ll need to approve (import) it first and pay a gas fee (as authorizing a smart contract to access tokens in your wallet is a transaction). This needs to be done only once per token.

3. Confirm and execute

If you are satisfied with the price and the price impact of the trade, click Approve. MetaMask will pop up, asking for a final confirmation. After this, the swap will take 10–15 minutes to get confirmed on Ethereum. You’ll see the tokens you’ve bought in MetaMask.

If you get an error, check what it says. If it’s “out of gas” or something similar, it means you don’t have enough ETH to pay for gas. You need ETH even when swapping in a pool that doesn’t feature ETH at all, like USDT-USDC.

Earn on QuantoSwap with QNS

Swapping fees

When you deposit tokens to a liquidity pool, you’ll receive a percentage of all the swapping fees generated by the pool. While it may not be substantial unless you’re a major investor, it offers a reliable source of passive income.

Farming pools

As a liquidity provider, you’ll receive special LP tokens. Stake these tokens in one of our farming smart contracts and earn up to 100% APR in QNS and other tokens. This also provides passive income opportunities. To get more information about farming, refer to the Farming pools section.

Staking pools

Stake QNS in a pool and receive rewards in QNS and tokens from QuantoSwap partners. This offers a convenient alternative to yield farming, as it doesn’t require LP tokens. We’re even planning staking pools with NFT rewards. More about this type of yield is available at the Staking pools section.

Restaking protocol

The platform offers LST staking pools and Ethereum asset restaking with increased APY and many other advantages typical of this type of staking. Learn more about this in the QuantoSwap’s Restaking protocol section.

Yield Tokenization

You can earn on QuantoSwap by utilizing Yield Tokenization. This special protocol allows you to earn on any yield-bearing tokens, whether it’s simply ETH, restaked ETH, or tokens from other yield protocols. Details can be found in the Yield Tokenization section.

Referral program

Earn a 10% rebate on all farming and staking rewards withdrawn by your QuantoSwap referrals from the platform. You don’t even need to be a liquidity provider — simply expand your network.

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